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Cheesy jokes.

Not quite worth $1.99

Sex jokes

Not worth the money it cost. Dont buy it. The free version is about the same.

Fin funny

I highly recommend this app I was ROFL...ha..ha


But could we have dirtier please

Sex jokes

Great app funny jokes highly recommended

Not good

These are not nasty and very PG rated dont buy

Too PG

Its a good comical app but it just needs to be dirtier


Needs to be dirtier

Good but censored

Uncensor the words

These jokes are definitly ones to tell to your guy friends

More jokes

Too funny! More jokes please and dirtier ones!

Dirty good

Keep them coming the dirtier the better.



Needs lots more dirty jokes

As a woman, I like dirty jokes, I send all the best ones to friends, just had to up my text plan, cause I have used 1295 of 1500 texts in 16 days, thats how many jokes i send. And all my friends (male & female alike) luv the jokes I send. Please add lots more, and please make them not so long. Longs ones dont send to well. Thanks for listening.

Great dirty jokes need more

Great but I went through them with pretty heavy reading in about four days


Amazingly funny but pretty lrngthy


Need short ones too though. "In brevity there is power."


Great stuff and you can always go dirtier thank you been tired of all this popcorn apps for the iPod

Great but not awesome

The jokes need to be even dirtier. Make them filthy

This app is funny as hell

Needs to be dirtier and needs more jokes

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